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Teacher training courses

Devon School of Yoga teacher training: 500 hours
This 2 year course focuses on the skills required to teach Yoga in a safe and inspiring way. This is achieved through gaining deeper knowledge and practical experience in a safe and nurturing environment. With heightened self awareness, confidence will grow enabling knowledge to be intuitively shared.

On meeting the prerequisites, students can join the course which comprises 44 days of practice and study held over 20 weekends in Devon, three of which are long weekend residentials. Comprehensive course notes are provided.
The course is 284 taught hours over 20 monthly weekends, plus home study and practise. The prerequisites for joining the course are:
• 2 or more years of regular practise and class attendance and/or
• completion of the school's Foundation Course
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Kundalini yoga teacher training
The Devon-based Kundalini yoga Level I Teacher Training programme was launched in April 2012.

Organised by international Kundalini yoga school Amrit Nam Sarovar and accredited by the Kundalini Research Organisation, the Level I training programme is for everyone who has been touched in some way by Kundalini yoga, whether you would like to become a certified teacher and formally teach, or simply wish to deepen your personal experience of Kundalini yoga.