The Exeter yoga community

Nikki Cassap

Nikki and her family moved from their hometown of Cambridge in 2014, to start a new life in Devon, a place she had always loved.

She teaches Vinyasa Flow and Sivananda Yoga in and around Exeter, where you can expect her classes to be a strong, yet fun, awakening practise, with funky music to uplift and asana to inspire positive change.

She says “Yoga brings me both balance and calm every time I practise, this is why I love its simple power. I teach to inspire this in others.”

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Nikki discovered her love for yoga in 2001, when as a fitness instructor she spotted an Astanga class on her way out of the gym, where she worked, and decided to join in. The physical challenge that came with the class was not what she expected, and as a fitness instructor she loved pushing her boundaries in a totally different way. She was hooked.

Ashtanga featured as her main practise, until she became pregnant with her first of 4 children, she began to seek different styles of practise to benefit her body and mind. Pre and post-natal pregnancy yoga featured mainly alongside Yin and Restorative practise.

Her journey into teaching yoga began in 2009, when she completed a 2 year 200 hour Yoga Diploma and started teaching her own classes. Taking inspiration from Jivamukti, Nikki had already discovered a natural love of chanting, she began to integrate chants into her self-practice and classes.

Wanting to deepen her spiritual practise further and to learn a different style and approach to yoga, Nikki enrolled and completed a 200 hour Sivananda Yoga Diploma, at the Sivananda Peetham Ashram in Varkala, India, in February 2016. Immersing herself in this month of yoga has not only brought more understanding but more clarity and balance to her self-practise and classes. She says ‘I love the contrast of traditional Sivananda yoga to the modern, dynamic flow yoga. They are world apart but at the same time blend together beautifully.’

To complement her practice, Nikki makes both bespoke Malas for Japa meditation and Intention bracelets with semi-precious stones.

Nikki’s classes will energise your body, bring flexibility and strength and at the same time she will guide you to the point of complete surrender in relaxation. Her music empowers the practise and brings smiles even through the toughest practise, whilst the re-balance following the flow is met with calm restorative music to tune out and feel totally nourished.

“I want my yoga to bring all those that practise to a place where they totally accept where they are now…in their lives… on their mats… and for them to be happy and joyful with that simple truth.”