The Exeter yoga community
“Mindfulness is the willingness and capacity to be equally present with all events and experiences with discernment, curiosity and kindness”
Christina Feldman 2013

Mindfulness-based stress reduction

An 8-week course to support you in bringing mindfulness into your everyday life

Course tutor: Andrea Durant

This course follows the model designed by Jon Kabat-Zinn in the late 70’s to ease the suffering of patients experiencing chronic pain. MBSR has a wide range of applications for people experiencing pain, anxiety and stress. There is a growing body of research evidence regarding its usefulness. In the UK, the Mindfulness All Party Parliamentary Group has recently published a report Mindful Nation with recommendation for developing mindfulness in public policy.

The course
Each group session builds upon the previous one to introduce and practice a range of mindfulness practices. It is, therefore, important that participants commit to attending all the sessions and to a daily home practice of 45 minutes. Whilst this commitment may seem of a high order, you may chose to see it as a rare opportunity to invest in the quality of your life.
These 8 sessions help us develop a new relationship to ourselves where we can live life to the full, as it is, and be able to make changes that may be helpful and healthy and improve the way we communicate with people at home and at work. Mindfulness offers us a way to adopt a greater attitude of acceptance to the things that we just cannot change; to become more familiar with habits and patterns of thinking and behaving and to adopt a more accepting approach to every experience be it pleasant or unpleasant.
If you are interested, there will be a brief telephone interview to make sure this course will suit you at this particular time.

Andrea Durant
• Completing Postgraduate Diploma Psychological Therapies Practice (Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapies and Approaches). Exeter University July 2016

• Teaching in compliance with the Good practice guidelines for teaching mindfulness-based courses

To book
Email: andreaclairdurant@gmail.com or leave a message on 01392 479082

Forthcoming Courses

Course 1, 2017
Mondays 2-4pm
June 5th/12th/19th/26th

Course 2, 2017
Mondays 2-4pm
September 4th/14th/18th/25th
October 2nd/9th/16th/23rd

Cost: £190 (including course material)

For current Mindfulness practitioners:
Those who have already completed an MBSR or MBCT eight week course, are welcome to attend as a refresher, to emphasise the importance of practice and to help strengthen and support continuity of practice. There will be a reduced rate of 50%. Commitment to the eight sessions as best you are able, is an important component to the welfare of the course and the group.

Due to overheads, the materialisation of the course is dependent on eight minimum subscribers.

PS.There will also be an introductory workshop at the Lotus Loft, from 2.30pm- 4.30pm on Saturday, July 1st 2017.