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Restorative Yoga - a quiet practice

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“Yoga Chitta Vritti Nirodhah
“ -Yoga is that which stills the mind. And with a still and quiet mind we can dwell, even in this world, in peace. There are a multitude of yoga styles, classes, teachers and ways of practicing out there, all with one united goal, to calm the drunken monkey of our minds, (or the chimpanzee in the cappuccino cafe). Read More...

Prana and the Subtle Body: the first goal of Hatha Yoga


Central to all the practices of Yoga is the movement of Prana, life force or vital energy. Prana is in matter, but it is not matter. It is in air but it is not oxygen. Through the practice of asanas and pranayama, more prana is taken in and stored in the body, bringing great vitality and strength. Prana flows though the body by way of the Nadis, energy channels. According to the ancient yogis, there are about 72,000 nadis. There are 3 main nadis, the most important is Sushumna which runs through the very core of the body from the perineum to the crown of the head. On either side of Sushumna are Pingala nadi and Ida nadi. Read More...

Aparigraha - non-hoarding


APARIGRAHA – owning only what is necessary; non-hoarding; believing that we live in a universe in which there is enough for everyone. When my mother died, five years after my father, I was too floored by grief to go through all of the things in her retirement flat. So I put them into a storage unit, vowing to deal with them box by box, month by month. Read More...

Pamper days

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Imagine a C16th farmhouse set in 3 acres in the midst of the Devon countryside on the edge of Dartmoor yet just 20minutes from Exeter.

Imagine a retreat where you can enjoy a leisurely practice of yoga and relaxation during the morning in the yoga studio. Hatha Yoga is suitable for beginners as well as those who have a regular practice. Jenny Kane, Lynda Dodgeon, and Jill Hurley, the yoga instructors are all experienced British Wheel of Yoga qualified teachers. Read More...

Satya - truthfullness

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Never let the truth get in the way of a good story. As a former journalist and current PR consultant, that’s the not-quite-a-joke slogan that has coloured my working life. But what exactly is this thing called the truth?

Interestingly, PR and yoga have a great synchronicity here (probably the only time those words will ever emerge from my mouth).

Writing a press release involves choosing a fact and then giving it a particular ‘spin’. For example, talking about a new service that a client is offering for the first time…..in Exeter. No need to mention the service is available elsewhere around Devon, it’s still true and grabs the journalist’s interest. Read More...

Ahimsa - non-harming, kindness to all beings

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Ahimsa is, on the surface of it, one of the ‘no-brainer’ yamas.

Clearly it is a good idea not to start wars, mug elderly people in the street or even say terrible things you can’t take back during a flaming row with your spouse.

Depending on your beliefs (and the idea of ahimsa is certainly one that spans all philosophies and religious faiths from Hippocrates to Buddhism along with plain simple sensible life-style choices), it’s a wise option because you’ll either get it back in nasty karma or will frankly just make day to day life a lot more complicated and unpleasant for yourself and everyone around you. Read More...
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