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Annelie Carver

Annelie as she had been practicing yoga for most of her life and her first experience of yoga was practicing the 'lion breath' at around the age of six with her parents. Over the years, Annelie has experimented with yoga styles ranging from hatha and iyengar to ashtanga, kundalini and vinyasa flow.

In 2010, Annelie began her yoga teacher training with Angela Ashwin and the British Wheel of Yoga (BWY). BWY is the Sport England recognised National Governing Body for Yoga. BWY is a member of the Sport & Recreation Alliance.

Annelie qualifed at a Hatha yoga teacher with BWY in 2013. Annelie's style of teaching incorporates the BWY teaching traditions of asana and pranayama into her classes but also brings her own distinctive style to her classes, largely influenced by ashtanga and vinyasa flow.
Annelie teaches ashtanga yoga inspired classes in Exeter
Annelie Carver
Annelie undertook a transcendental meditation course in 2013 and likes to incorporate a short meditation practice at the end of her classes to enable her students to experience the benefits of mediation.  
Recently, Annelie has developed a new style of yoga called Yoga Conditioning. Yoga Conditioning incorporates traditional yoga practices and dynamic sequences with a focus on improving posture, developing core strength, stamina and improving strength and flexibility in a wide range of muscle groups. These classes are particularly beneficial for those who practice sports and are looking for a form of cross-training and conditioning practice. The classes also incorporate breathing and relaxation practices which help develop concentration and focus. Annelie has set up a range of Yoga Conditioning and Yoga for Sports classes in Exeter. Please see the class schedule for details.

Annelie has also recently set up Yoga for Children.  Annelie is currently undertaking further study for teaching yoga to children and teenagers with www.yogakidz.co.uk.  Annelie has children and really enjoys working with children and teenagers. Annelie will be setting up yoga classes for children, teenagers, toddlers and families. Please see the class schedule for details.

For information on Annelie’s adult classes, please see:

W: www.lookwithinyoga.com

F: Annelie on facebook

T: @lookwithinyoga

For information on Annelie’s children, teens and family classes, please see:

W: www.yogaforchildren.co.uk

F: Facebook

T: @yogaforchild