The Exeter yoga community

About Exeterlovesyoga

We are a collective of yoga teachers, offering a range of yoga classes in the Exeter area. On this website you will find information on over 90 yoga classes a week in a range of styles and traditions for all levels of experience and ability.

Exeterlovesyoga was founded in 2007 by James Russell and Angelina Lambourn. As newly qualified yoga teachers passionate about yoga they wanted to spread the message of yoga and also tell people about the classes they were teaching. The growing internet seemed like the best way to achieve this. Neither teacher could afford their own website so they decided to pool their resources and create a website on which people could find out about lots of different yoga classes in Exeter. They got together with a two other new teachers and in 2007 the first version of the site was created offering around 12 classes a week.

The site quickly grew and other more established teachers also began to join: before long ,the website had doubled in size and was receiving over a thousand visitors a week. Eight years on, exeterlovesyoga continues to go from strength to strength and currently features 20 teachers advertising over 90 classes each week in the city. The website also now advertises a range of yoga courses and workshops.

Each summer Exeterlovesyoga organises a community yoga event in which we do yoga for free in Belmont Park in Exeter as part of the Respect Festival (photo above.) For the last four years Exeterlovesyoga has also worked with ‘yoga4peace’ and organised community fundraising events to raise money and awareness for the charities supported by yoga4peace.