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Please note: Poornam is on sabbatical travelling and studying in India from January to April 2018. All of her teaching will stop until mid-April. Look out for her class, workshop calendar details in April.
Poornam has been teaching yoga since 1993 after coming to recognise the huge importance of the teachings in her own life. She is a warm, sensitive and very experienced teacher with a commitment to empowering her students to find their full potential. Her approach is energetic, humorous, intuitive, direct and compassionate. She holds a safe, clear space and has a deeply felt, lived and underlying vision of yoga as a way of life.

After 10 years of extensive training and immersion in many aspects of teaching in London and ashrams in India, Poornam became Director of Teaching at PadmaSamBhava in Wales.
Poornam teaches Satyananda yoga classes in Exeter
She lived as a karma sannyasa, helped run all aspects of the centre and taught a wide spectrum of yoga and meditation techniques and practices for 15 years. She has a particular expertise in mantra, raja, and nada yogas.

She teaches a type of yoga that is firmly based in the wider yogic tradition and adapted to suit the needs of contemporary living. It includes Hatha, Raja, Karma, Jnana, Mantra and Bhakti yogas as well as other traditions and presents them in a package that is unified and flexible enough to meet individual needs. Her gentle yet precise step by step approach facilitates a connection with the subtle aspect s of ourselves and yoga.

Poornam has also worked as a Montessori teacher over two decades and as part of this has introduced yoga to many children. She also worked as a mental health yoga course tutor for 13 years and a restorative yoga tutor for the Stroke Association for 5 years. She continues to deliver both the acclaimed Yoga Lifestyle and Deepening Practice courses. These courses, which have been very well received, have greatly helped many students and teachers to more fully integrate yoga into their daily lives.

This wide ranging experience in teaching, mentoring and developing teaching programmes for young and old students, from beginners to established practitioners and teachers, makes Poornam a unique teacher of yoga and meditation.

Poornam is now living in Devon with her partner and establishing teaching within her Devon community.
  • “Growing is the most important and essential endeavour that a human being can undertake. ”
    Swami Chetanananda