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Jules Yount

Jules came to Yoga from a background in the Bujinkan Martial Arts where she trained throughout the UK, Europe, America & Japan as both a classical Budo instructor and Modern Self-defence instructor in all environments including personally bodyguarding and escorting from Japan, Masaaki Hatsumi, on his last public teaching event in Europe.
She completed her yoga foundation course with Andrea Durant via the British Wheel of Yoga and qualified as a yoga teacher with the Devon School of Yoga.
Jules Yount

She completed a Chakra Vinyasa and Energy Activism immersion with Shiva Rea and studied Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga with Kino MacGregor in both London and Manchester plus will be studying again with Kino in September this year.  

She’s deeply moved by the intensive study of Tripsichore Yoga with Edward Clark (something she plans to continue)! Plus, she studies AcroYoga with Eugene Butcher, and has completed both an Elemental AcroYoga Immersion in London as-well-as a Lunar (e.g. Therapeutic) AcroYoga Immersion in Brighton. Jules teaches Vinyasa Flow Yoga at Exeter College, Exeter University and at various other venues in Exeter.

From 1999-2011, she worked in the Complementary Medicine unit of the Peninsula Medical School as PA to Professor Edzard Ernst and in 2011, when the unit closed, she started working as PA for Duncan Hulin at the Devon School of Yoga. Jules teaches on the Devon School of Yoga's Foundation Course and is a member of the team that organises the Devon Yoga Festival.
Jules is also active in the local music community and in 2002 composed the opening music for the Queen of England's Golden Jubilee celebration in Exeter Cathedral. She holds four university degrees in music and still performs occasionally including accompanying some of the Bhakti Yoga concerts in the area. For more information about Jules, please visit her website: www.YogawithJules.co.uk
Jules Yount in downward facing dog
  • “Wisdom and spirituality unfold in the same manner as a tree grows.....every tree in the forest has the same goal; to reach the light.”
    David Swenson