The Exeter yoga community

Jay Kipling

Jay qualified as a Yoga Alliance teacher in 2007 with Vibrant Living Yoga in Bali after a twenty year career in journalism and PR. Her teachers included David Williams who was among the first westerners to study Ashtanga Vinyasa under Pattabhi Jois nearly forty years ago. Jay started practiing yoga in the Ashtanga style taught by her original teacher Andrea Durant.
She has attended workshops in the UK and abroad with teachers including David Swenson, Simon Low and Dharma Mittra and in 2011 completed her second Yoga Alliance teacher training in ashtanga with Caroline Klebl in Jamaica. Jay has also completed a Yoga Therapy Foundation course from the Yoga Biomedical Trust in London and her Yoga Therapy post-graduate qualification with the Devon School of Yoga.
Jay Kipling
She spends the summer teaching in and around Exeter, and the winters in Antigua, West Indies, where she is the co-founder of the Yoga Antigua studio in English Harbour www.yogaantigua.com  
“I originally started doing Yoga, like most people, just to shape up,” says Jay. “I had little comprehension I was doing anything other than physical exercise. The wonderful thing was that the deeper, spiritual benefits crept up almost without me realising, and certainly without me trying. All I found I had to do was practice regularly and everything started to become clearerMy physical shape was improved and my confidence and mental shape started to change as well. This is the power of Yoga that makes it so different from so many other physical practices. Yoga addresses who you are on many different levels, offering a platform for insight and a toolbox for change. It is a home to which I constantly return through all the challenges, joys and sorrows of life.”
Jay teaches mainly in dynamic Vinyasa (breath with movement) and ashtanga styles. She also enjoys teaching on detox retreats, one-to-one therapeutic sessions, small private groups and yoga hen parties. www.jayyoga.org